Dr. Reetesh PurwarDr.Reetesh Purwar

Dr Reetesh Purwar  is the chief Plastic  Surgeon of the SIPS Hospital and is very experienced and specializes in Reconstructive surgery, Hand Surgery,Burn Surgery & Micro-Vascular Surgery. Dr Reetesh Purwar completed M.S General Surgery from S.N. Medical College , Agra and Plastic Surgery Mch. course from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi and got Awarded with Gold Medal in studies.

Dr Reetesh Purwar  joined Plastic Surgery Department as senior resident surgeon in Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi for a period of one year and then perform his MCh. course from same institute , This training provided him with knowledge in various aspects of Cosmetic ,Reconstructive Surgery & Burn Surgery.  Since after then Dr Reetesh Purwar is  practicing and serving peoples of Uttar Pradesh (U.P) ,India as chief Plastic , Reconstructive and Burn Surgeon in SIPS Hospital, Lucknow


  1.     1.MS- Comparative Study of Conventional Versus Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (800 Patients)
  2.     2.MCh- Tangential Excision & Grafting in burn patients (60 Patients)


  1.     1.Presented paper on “Safety & Efficacy of Lap Cholecystectomy” in UPASICON 1997, Lucknow.
  2.     2.Presented paper on “Safety & Efficacy of Lap Cholecystectomy” in UPASICON 1998, Allahabad.
  3.     3.Presented paper / Video on Post Burns Deformity nose, Opponensplasty for Thumb Correction in
  4.     4.Radial Nerve palsy in 36 annual conference of APSICON 2001, Gujrat.
  5.     5.Presented paper on “Role of antibiotic flora in burn patient” in NABICON 2002, Hyderabad.


  1.     1. UPASICON 1998, Allahabad.
  2.     2. Workshop On Reconstructive Surgery of the Ear at SGRH, APSI, 2003.
  3.     3. APSICON 2001, Ahemdabad, Gujrat
  4.     4.APSICON 2002.
  5.     5. 2002, Hyderabad.
  6.     6.NABICON 2001, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.
  7.     7.ASICON 1997, Bangalore
  8.     8.Workshop On Contraceptive Technology update Workshop For Service Provider in up, AGRA, 1998.
  9.     9.Wound Care Con 2009 New Delhi.
  10.     10.LCBACON 2006, lucknow
  11.     11.Workshop On Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation, 2005, Lucknow.

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